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Program Areas

Both kids came home happier than ever! They talk about their other home (camp) all the time! They love the friendships, the counselors, the independence, the Jewishness, the activities, the programs, the horses, and the Shwayder Magic” – 2013 Camper Parent

The biggest strength of Shwayder is that they make people happy and gives kids a really good, and active/busy experience at camp.  They really know what children like to do”. 2015 Camper Parent

natureBamidbar (In the Wilderness)

We take full advantage of our beautiful mountains. Every unit goes out on a one-night campout. We carry all of our supplies in backpacks, spend the night in tents, cook our food over the campfire, tell stories, and experience the thrill and beauty of the outdoors. If you want more time in a tent, we offer additional optional overnights.

horsesHome on the Range – Life Atop a Horse

We have a stable of 27 horses for the summer, and every camper has several opportunities to ride. All of our rides are Western-style trail rides. We offer basic instruction to new riders on mounting, dismounting and controlling their horse. Our wranglers are very experienced, and will make sure every camper has safe, fun rides!

Creative Expression via the Arts

Arts & Crafts
A full range of programs allow our campers to explore and enhance their creativity through music, drama, photography, arts and crafts, videography, dancing and creative writing.

Music is a big part of our program. We sing every day – after meals, during services and at our friendship circle before bed. Hebrew songs, English folk songs and camp specialties are all a way for us to sing out together.

Personal Accomplishment Through Sports and Athletics

At Shwayder Camp sports play a vital part in our communal activity. For campers who wish to participate in more athletics, the options are numerous. Activities include, but are not limited to: Gaga, softball, football, basketball, archery, volleyball, frisbee, tetherball, aerobics, hiking, and climbing.

Nestled in between the trees on the side of Mt. Evans, is a 40-foot tall High Ropes Challenge Course. Cabins come to the course together to learn skills in the areas of teamwork, communication, and trust. Our course is a safe activity led by a certified specialist. The basic principle is “Challenge by Choice” – everyone is urged to take part; but nobody is pushed to climb higher than they feel comfortable.

Revolutions of Jewish Life

As a mom I am thankful for Shwayder Camp.How they incorporate Judaism into daily life. The lessons and knowledge the kids left camp with enriched their lives at home. Knowing there are many kids with their same values has given them the strength to be stronger leaders in their community -2015 Camper Parent


Shwayder Camp is a vibrant part of the Reform Jewish community. We are one of only four temple-owned camps in the country. The fundamental tenet of our program is based around each camper having his or her own Jewish experience by incorporating Judaism throughout each day.

jewishShwayder life revolves around Judaism, and Judaism around life. Prayers before and after each meal, creative camper-led daily services, a celebratory Shabbat experience filled with singing and dancing are but a few ways we strive to strengthen the connection between each individual and the traditions of our faith. Services geared toward learning about Judaism provide campers with a Jewish cultural and social experience. Through song sessions, rituals and prayer, Shwayder campers celebrate their heritage while learning what being Jewish means as a community and as an individual. Campers enjoy friendship circles under a star-filled sky and worship in our beautiful outdoor chapel. We embrace the joy and spirit of Judaism in our close sharing with nature. Shwayder imbues the special feeling of living, learning and growing together with other Jewish youth on a shared journey.

Shwayder Camphas been a great Jewish environment for the kids to grow and be enriched. As a convert to Judaism I didn’t have the background to teach the children all they need to know. Camp teaches them how to be strong leaders –2015 Camper Parent

cabinBunk Life

At Shwayder, we take great pride in our intimate community and facility. Life in a cabin is no exception. Each of our ten cabins houses 12-15 campers and 3-4 staff members ensuring that each child receives personal attention. Complete with full bathrooms, heat and electricity, these cabins lend themselves perfectly to our counselors’ goals of creating a warm, comfortable space in which to teach the values of community living.

Daily Schedule

Camp Schedule


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