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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many campers are in each cabin?

Great question. A typical cabin consists of 13-15 similarly-aged campers.

2) Will Shwayder accommodate my child’s dietary restriction?

Great question! Most definitely. We have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options at every meal. We serve meals kosher style, and many campers who keep kosher at home choose to eat vegetarian at camp. Picky eaters? Sun-butter (sunflower butter) and jelly is always available. Sunflower butter is just like peanut butter, but made of sunflower seeds instead of peanuts! Our switch to sun-butter keeps all who are allergic to peanuts safe and at ease!

3) What are some activities campers participate in?

Oh boy, what a great question! Activities include: ropes course, horses, archery, arts & crafts, music, camp-wide capture the flag (affectionately referred to as Embassy), and so, so, SO much more! The activities are tailored for each age group.

4) What training is provided to the staff?

Great question. Our staff participates in an intensive week-long training program as a community before first session begins. In addition to that, every staff member is First Aid and CPR certified. Our specialty areas also have their own appropriate training: archery instructors are USAArchery certified, the American Association for Horsemanship Safety certifies our wranglers, and our ropes instructors receive professional training.

5) How many people are at camp during a given session?

Great question. We take pride in the size of our community; Shwayder is small enough to know everybody! Typically, each session has 125-150 campers, 60 staff, and 20 staff-in-training, totaling to about 200 people at a time.

6) What should we pack?

Great question. Here’s our packing guideline to get you started. Don’t forget to bring your rain gear and water bottle!

7) When does each session start and end? How much does it cost?

Great question; we get this one all the time. This page lists our session dates and fees.

8) How old are the campers in each cabin?

Great question! Chalutzim (Pioneers) are in 2nd grade, Alephs are in 3rd & 4th grades, Bets are in 5th & 6th grades, Gimels are in 7th & 8th grades, and Daleds are in 9th & 10th grades.

9) Can I contact my child while he or she is at camp?

What a great question. Yes you may! We receive and send incoming and outgoing mail every day of the week (except Sundays!). In addition, CampMinder offers a Camp Stamp service that allows you to send emails to your child that we then print and deliver. Campers are not allowed access to the phone or computers.

10) How do we register?

The best question so far! Here is a link to our registration page.

11) What does a typical day look like at Shwayder?

Great question! Check out our daily schedule on this page.

12) What about Shabbat?

Oh man, this question is the cream of the crop! Shabbat at Shwayder is full of rich and important traditions. Friday nights at camp are very special; everybody dresses up (incorporating something white) for services, dinner, and dancing, and it is many campers’ favorite part of the week. Saturdays are very laid-back and give campers the opportunity to choose the activities they participate in. Our camp-wide Havdallah service concludes the week in a beautiful, communal manner.

13) How does my child get to and from camp?

Great question. If your family is based in Colorado, we check campers in at Temple Emanuel and bus them up to camp. Likewise, you can pick them up from Emanuel at the end of the session. If your child is coming in from out of state, we provide transportation to and from the airport.

14) Can I see pictures of my children while they’re at Shwayder?

Good question! You can expect to see at least one picture of your camper every day. On the homepage, click “CampMinder Login” and log in. Pictures will be uploaded daily to the photos page on CampMinder.

15) My child takes daily medicine. How is it administered to him or her at camp?

Great question. During check-in, our medical staff will collect any of your child’s medication. It will be administered to each camper personally by our medical staff at the appropriate time of day.

16) Where is Shwayder?

GREAT QUESTION! Shwayder camp is nestled in a beautiful valley alongside Mount Evans at 10,200 feet. It is ten miles south from Idaho Springs, and about an hour away from Denver.

17) Can parents visit?

Nice question. We hold a visitors’ day the day before the start of our first session. Anyone can come visit camp on that day, and it’s a great way to meet the staff and get a good feel for the community. Other than that, we do not invite visitors during the summer season.

18) Does Shwayder Camp offer scholarships?

Great question! We do! We actively work towards giving everyone an opportunity to experience a summer at Shwayder. Please contact us for more information.

19) Can my child go for more than one session?

Great question. We have several campers that sign up for multiple sessions each summer. Although campers experience the same activities between sessions, each session has a distinct personality.


Summer Address:
P.O. Box 3899
Idaho Springs, Colorado 80452
PH: (303) 567-2722
FAX: (303) 567-0172

Winter Address:
51 Grape Street
Denver, Colorado 80220
PH: (303) 388-4013
FAX: (303) 388-6328

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