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Shwayder 2018

Shwayder is planning the…

This summer you can expect the same Shwayder Magic, with a few new twists. Our goal is to provide the ultimate camp experience and we are excited to share these unique opportunities with you.

New Activities

While we’ve always provided enriching activities, this year we are adding additional options. Don’t worry all of the favorites like gaga ball, the ropes course and Shabbat aren’t going anywhere. We’ve just added fresh, innovative programming to meet the
desires of every camper. And even better, this year campers will have the chance to customize their schedule so they can choose activities they are passionate about.

New Facilities

Last year Shwayder debuted a variety of new buildings throughout camp including eight new camper cabins, a new barn, a staff-in training cabin and a state-of-the-art athletic field. This year we are excited to unveil our brand new indoor recreation center, a Director’s cabin and in 2019 our arts center will be completed. The recreation center gives us more options for fun and games, and now on rainy days we can play sports without worrying about the clouds overhead. Features of the rec center include a 30 foot indoor climbing wall, ping pong tables, a multipurpose sports court, a movie screen and more bathroom facilities. The new arts center will provide our campers with the inspiration they need to be creative. From pottery to friendship bracelets, this will be an outlet for individual self-expression. The arts center will include spacious art studios, an israeli programming space, indoor space for rain programming and more bathroom facilities. All of these modern updates will enhance our programming and benefit the campers.

New Sessions

In May we sent parents a survey and the response was overwhelming. We listened to your feedback as well as camper comments. This year Shwayder is excited to offer two three-week sessions and one two-week session. This new schedule will provide campers more time to bond with friends, more opportunities to connect with their Judaism and more time to explore meaningful activities. In addition, we will offer shorter sessions for first time campers who just want to explore Shwayder and get to know us. In order to build confidence and allow our campers to blossom, we’ve also rearranged the cabin groups to be more age appropriate. Lastly, our SITs will spend the full eight weeks at camp in order for the program to be more cohesive and for staff members to work together more effectively.

Cabin Groups (Entering Grades)

Chalutzim: 2nd grade

Aleph: 3rd-4th grades

Bet: 5th-6th grades

Gimel: 7th-8th grades

Daled: 9th-10 grades

S.I.T.: 11th grade

Session Dates

Session 1 (Chalutzim, Alephs, Bets, Gimels, & Daleds): June 11-July 1

Session 1a (Chalutzim, first time Alephs): June 11-17

Session 1b (Chalutzim & Alephs): June 18-July 1

Session 2 (Chalutzim, Alephs, Bets, Gimels, & Daleds): July 2-July 22

Session 3 (Chalutzim, Alephs, Bets, Gimels, & Daleds): July 23-Aug 5

Staff-in-Training Program: June 10-Aug 5

Registration Priority Dates 

Temple Emanuel Members: November 1, 2017

Returning Camp Families: November 8, 2017

Open to all: November 15, 2017

Summer Rates

Session 1: June 11-July 1 $3750 Standard Rate / $3075 Temple Emanuel Member Rate

Session 1a: June 11-June 17 $1250 Standard Rate / $1025 Temple Emanuel Member Rate

Session 1b: June 18-July 1 $2500 Standard Rate / $2050 Temple Emanuel Member Rate

Session 2: July 2-July 22 $3750 Standard Rate / $3075 Temple Emanuel Member Rate

Session 3: July 23-Aug 5 $2500 Standard Rate / $2050 Temple Emanuel Member Rate

S.I.T Program: June 10-Aug 5 $3200 Standard Rate / $2600 Temple Emanuel Member Rate


Q: Won’t the new longer sessions cost me more money?
A: The three week sessions will cost you more money for the additional week. However,
Shwayder knows the cost of camp can be a burden for some families. Therefore, we’d
like to extend a 10% discount for each sibling and for each additional session. We also
offer a limited amount of scholarships. To apply for a scholarship please contact the
camp office and submit your application by March 9th. Limited funding is available.
Grants are also available for first time campers through One Happy Camper.

Q: What are you going to do with the extra time?
A: We feel strongly that a third week will allow the campers to build stronger bonds with
their friends. In addition, it will give us time to explore more meaningful, longer term
programming. We have found that it takes almost ten days for some campers to adjust to
being away from home. The longer session will help with this transition, and campers
will be able to relax and enjoy more time in the outdoors.

Q: Will my child still be with his/her friends?
A: Yes. If friends sign up for the same session, then they will be able to come to camp

Q: Will you still be having the same activities that my child has grown to love?
A: Yes. Shwayder will continue all of it’s favorite traditions. Plus, we will be providing a
brand new menu of activites such as adventure overnights, additional hiking trips and
an artist-in-residence program. There will be choices to fulfill every camper’s wildest

Q: Will I have to pack three weeks worth of clothes for my child?
A: No. This summer we will offer an optional laundry service for an additional cost.
Details will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

Q: Will Shwayder have any other water-sports this summer?
A: We look forward to adding additional wet-n-wild days at the Idaho Springs Recreation
Center where campers can look forward to swimming and pool activities.


Summer Address:
P.O. Box 3899
Idaho Springs, Colorado 80452
PH: (303) 567-2722
FAX: (303) 567-0172

Winter Address:
51 Grape Street
Denver, Colorado 80220
PH: (303) 388-4013
FAX: (303) 388-6328

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