Update #12: February 14, 2022

Dear Shwayder Camp Community, 
The Shwayder team has been working hard to prepare for Summer 2022. We have been recruiting counselors, registering campers, and having ongoing conversations about the COVID-19 Pandemic.   

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, the health and safety of our entire community has been our top priority. We had an amazing summer in 2021 thanks to the hard work of our Shwayder leadership team and staff. We are looking forward to an incredible Summer 2022 season. 

One of the Jewish values that has been guiding our community during the pandemic is Pikuach Nefesh, saving a life. We continually consult with our team of medical professionals regarding the best practices for Summer 2022.  

For Summer 2022, we are requiring all campers, staff, and guests on Shwayder property to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  All staff will be fully vaccinated and up-to-date with the COVID-19 booster. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that all eligible campers have received the COVID-19 booster but it is not required.

We will send additional information in the coming months regarding testing, mask-wearing, and more as we continue to monitor the pandemic. When camper forms are made available to complete, families will need to upload camper’s vaccination cards to CampMinder. 

Shwayder Camp will continue to be a place filled with magic, where kids can build relationships, cultivate self-esteem, develop Jewish identity, inspire an appreciation for the wonder and the beauty of the natural environment and promote the unique capabilities of each individual.   

Josh Samet, Julia Teitell, and Emily Resnik




Update #11: April 23, 2021

Dear Shwayder Camp Community, 

As the summer approaches, we wanted to reach out with some new information and updated guidelines for Shwayder Camp families prior to the start of camp. With the help of our medical professional team and guidance from child care licensing, we have put together our health screening procedures, pre-camp expectations, and protocols while camp is in session. We will continue to monitor the status of the pandemic and update our policies based on state and county guidelines accordingly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation to continue to keep the Shwayder Camp community safe.

Pre-Camp lifestyle behaviors

In order to create the best potential for keeping camp COVID-19 free we will be asking families to engage in Low Risk and Low/Medium Risk behaviors as displayed in the graphic below for 7 days prior to the start of the session. This includes all members of the household.

We ask that campers be unmasked only with immediate household family members during this 7 day period of time, specifically not eating in restaurants or other eating venues with individuals outside their family unit. Gatherings with anyone from another household should be limited to outdoors with masking and physical distancing.

Campers attending other residential or day camp programs should still follow these guidelines for the 7 days prior to the start date of your Shwayder session.

As a reminder, we expect no travel (other than to camp), no symptoms, and no COVID-19 exposures during the week prior to the first day of the session. If your camper or anyone in the house develops any symptom, is exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or participates in any travel, this information must be disclosed to us and may negate their ability to attend camp.


We will be utilizing a number of different testing methods to best mitigate possible cases of COVID-19 during each session. Testing will include a PCR test that you will need to order through our testing partner Care360 and administered 72 hours prior to arrival. The results will be sent directly to us within 24 hours of the start date of each session. The tests can be purchased using insurance through Care360’s easy to use web portal. More details will be sent out with instructions for the pre-camp PCR test.

In addition to this pre-camp PCR test, we will be administering rapid antigen tests and an additional PCR test at drop-off at Temple Emanuel or at the airport for campers flying into DIA. Should the rapid test result be positive, your camper will need to wait for the PCR test result to come back before coming up to camp. That should take approximately 24 hours.

Four days into each session we will also be administering pool tests by pod and in the event a pool tests positive, we will administer individual PCR tests for each person in that pod.

If a camper displays symptoms related to COVID-19 after they have arrived at camp, we will administer a rapid antigen test and the parents of that camper will be notified for next steps. If the results of the rapid antigen test are positive, we will assume that it is accurate. If the results are negative, we will administer a PCR test and keep that camper isolated until those results are returned. 

What if there is a positive COVID-19 at camp

If your child’s PCR test taken 72 hours prior to the start of camp results in a positive, you will be eligible for a refund less the $350 deposit or given the opportunity to roll the full amount paid towards the 2022 summer.  

If your child tests positive at drop off based on the rapid antigen test, you will be asked to return home while we await the results from the PCR test administered at drop-off. Pending a negative result, we will make arrangements for your camper to join their cabin. Results should take around 24 hours to be processed.

If your child tests positive while they are at camp, they will be isolated and you will be contacted immediately to discuss next steps. Refunds will be issued on a prorated basis. 

If a camper in your child’s cabin tests positive, you will be notified and that pod will isolate from the rest of camp while still being able to participate in camp activities. Those campers will receive a rapid antigen test and continue to be monitored for symptoms. 

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

The Day Camp Begins

Camp buses leave from Temple Emanuel (located on First Avenue, between Forest and Grape Streets). There are two separate drop off times based on cabin groups, 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. on the first day of their session. All Chalutzim (entering 2nd Grade), Aleph (entering 3rd & 4th Grade), and Daled (entering 9th & 10th grade campers), as well as SITS should arrive at Temple Emanuel at 10:00 a.m. on the first day of their session. All Bet and Gimel (entering 5th-8th grade) campers should arrive at Temple Emanuel at 2:00 p.m. on the first day of their session. Drop off times are based on cabin groups, not last names, meaning that a family with multiple campers could have different drop off times. As a COVID-19 safety precaution, all luggage will be sprayed with an electrostatic sprayer before being loaded onto the moving truck. After depositing their luggage to be sprayed in the Grape Street parking lot, Campers proceed to the registration tables in the circular drive. Medical staff will be in a designated area for medication check in and additional forms.  All campers will receive a rapid COVID-19 test prior to departure. Shwayder memorabilia will be available for purchase by the registration tables.  Camp staff will be available to help answer questions. Buses will leave as soon as everyone has been checked in and has received a negative COVID-19 rapid test. 

The Day Camp Ends

Buses are scheduled to arrive at Temple Emanuel in the Forest Street parking lot at 11:00 a.m. Sunday, the last day of your camper’s session. Campers’ luggage will be lined up on the lawn of Temple Emanuel. All medications brought to camp will be stationed with our medical staff at a table next to the luggage, for you to conveniently pick up. Upon the arrival of the campers, all camper parents/guardians will line up along the grass at the post labeled after their camper(s) age unit. Campers will be brought to their designated post, and all campers must be checked out with their counselor by a parent/guardian, pre-established in the camper’s camp forms.

Families Traveling from Outside of Colorado

The guidelines previously emailed do remain in place with a few adjustments. Airline travelers can wear KN95 masks rather than N95 masks and only campers will need to do a PCR test 72 hours prior to the start date of camp. You can find these guidelines on our website under the COVID 19 Updates. If you are coming in from outside of Colorado and will be staying at a hotel, please select one that adheres to the highest level of cleaning standards. If you will be coming into Colorado and staying with family, please make sure they adhere to the pre-camp lifestyle behaviors outlined above. 

Staff expectations

As a condition of employment, all Shwayder Camp staff will receive the COVID-19 vaccine if available to them. Those who do not have an opportunity to receive the vaccine prior to the first day of staff week will have an opportunity to receive it as soon as possible. In order to provide a positive experience for our campers, the mental health and well-being of the Shwayder Camp staff members is a top priority for us. Per guidance from our team of medical professionals and under strict guidelines and regulations, our staff members will be permitted to leave camp for days off to ensure that their needs are being met. Only fully vaccinated staff members will be able to leave camp and re-enter.  

Staff members will also be adhering to the use of the same 3 non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) as recommended by the CDC. These include wearing masks, socially distancing, and being outside. Staff members will also be following the same COVID-19 testing protocols as the campers. 

Jodie Abrams Schafer & Julia Teitell



Update #10: February 23, 2021

Dear Shwayder Camp Community,

I wanted to reach out with further information regarding traveling to camp from outside of Colorado for the 2021 summer. In consultation with our medical professionals and other camp professionals, we have identified ways in which we feel we can safely allow campers from outside of Colorado to get to camp without imposing travel restrictions that would inhibit a families ability to get to Denver. These travel protocols are outlined below.

As the situation regarding COVID-19 changes, we are ready to evaluate these protocols and update them as necessary. Please note that these travel protocols only apply to traveling to camp. Any other travel during the week prior to camp by a camper or family member will inhibit a camper’s ability to attend camp.

Flying into Denver from out-of-state for Drop off

If your camper is flying into Denver International Airport, they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Flights should be scheduled to arrive between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on a non-stop flight on the first day of their session. If this is not possible, you must obtain authorization from the Camp office prior to purchasing your ticket so special arrangements can be made. Lunch will be provided upon arrival.

All travelers must obtain a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival. Results must be emailed to 24 hours prior to the first day of the session.

All travelers must wear an N95 mask and a face shield throughout the duration of their flight and all time spent in the airport. We ask that time inside the airport is as limited as possible.

All campers will be mailed bright, Shwayder Camp luggage tags to help easily and quickly identify luggage as it arrives. Someone will collect all camper luggage in order to minimize the amount of time Shwayder Campers and Staff spend inside the airport.

All campers who fly in on the first day of camp will go directly up to Shwayder Camp after receiving a negative COVID-19 rapid test. Parents and/or legal guardians must stay with their campers until the COVID-19 rapid test result is received. If a parent is unable to accompany a camper on a flight, the family must appoint a guardian to meet their camper at the airport and remain with them until after results of the COVID-19 rapid test are received. This appointed guardian will be required to follow the additional safety protocols outlined in the family guidelines for the week prior to the flight.

If a camper tests positive for COVID-19 while at camp, a parent or legal guardian will need to be able to pick up the camper within 24 hours.

Flights for out-of-state Campers should be scheduled to depart DIA between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m on the last day of the session. If you are not able to schedule a flight during this period you must obtain authorization from the Camp office prior to purchasing your tickets. A Shwayder staff member will accompany your camper to the airport and will remain with them until they board the plane if the flight is within our required time frame.

Driving into Denver from out-of-state for Drop off

Families that choose to drive in to Denver from out-of-state should take extra precautions to limit exposures.

If you are stopping along the way, please do not stay with family or friends. Please do not eat inside restaurants. Please choose lodging that adheres to the highest level of cleaning and sanitation standards.

All travelers must obtain a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival. Results must be emailed to 24 hours prior to the first day of the session.

If you would also like to review the previous 2021 Family Guidelines for a Successful Summer, that were sent out, you can find those on our website and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.


Jodie Abrams Schafer



Update #9: January 21, 2021

2021 Shwayder Camp Family Guidelines for a Successful Summer

Over the last nine months we have been lucky to learn a lot from our camp colleagues, medical professionals, and licensing agencies to help guide our best practices for the 2021 summer. While we know that a lot may change between now and the end of May we wanted to provide some guidelines that families will be required to follow who choose to attend Shwayder Camp this summer. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for our campers and staff this summer.

Before Camp –

We are going to ask both families and the camper to take extra safety measures a week or so ahead of the start of camp. We will define our expectations of this time period before camp in subsequent communication. This includes the camper as well as any person living in the house. Campers must also receive a negative PCR test result prior to the start date of the session. We will follow up with the exact timing of when this test should be received. The negative test result must be emailed to us prior to drop off.

We expect no travel, no symptoms, and no exposures during the week prior to the first day of the session. If your camper or anyone in the house develops any symptom, is exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or participates in any travel, that will negate their ability to attend camp. For families who live outside of Colorado, we will follow up in more detail about what this means for you. We acknowledge this may present additional challenges.

First Day of the Session –

We anticipate that through our relationship with the Association of Independent Jewish Camps that we will have access to rapid COVID-19 tests. In this case, we will test every camper at drop off and require a negative test result to be allowed to come up to camp. Please allow for extra time at drop off in order for us to administer the tests for everyone.

During Camp –

We will be taking a number of safety measures to remain as safe as possible prior to camp and once everyone arrives at camp. In preparation for this summer, we have limited capacity based on age group.

The Bubble – We will be creating a bubble at camp. This means that once the staff arrives to camp, we will remain there for the duration of the summer. Time off will be taken in camp and visitors will not be allowed to enter camp. Our bubble will operate in pods and cohorts with varying levels of restrictions utilized when campers are with these groups.

Pods – Your camper’s cabin group

Cohort – Your camper’s unit (the boys and girls cabin for each age group)

We will be using 3 non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) as recommended by the CDC. These include wearing masks, socially distancing, and being outside. When your camper is in their pod, they will not be required to do any of the three NPIs. If campers are with their cohort, they will need to be doing two of the three NPIs. For example, if the unit is together, the campers will need to be outside wearing masks or they can be inside but will need to wear masks and be socially distancing at least 6 feet apart. If campers are with anyone not in their pod or cohort, they will need to use all three NPIs at one time.

Meals will be served in shifts with the younger age groups eating first, then the older age groups so that we can limit the number of people in the dining hall at one time. This will allow the older campers to enjoy a later wake up (added bonus!). As always, we will have mandatory hand washing and sanitizing before and after each meal.

Programs that have been done historically with all of camp together will be limited to outdoors with everyone wearing masks and socially distancing. And, only after seven days after arrival if no campers or staff members have presented symptoms.

All staff, with the exception of a few very specialized activity leaders, will be assigned to specific pods. Staff will also follow the regulations for NPIs.

If there have been no symptoms, positive cases, or exposures, regulations may become more lenient 7-10 days into the session based on medical professional recommendations.

What happens if a camper or staff member is experiencing symptoms –

Same as in years past, we will have a medical professional on site at all times while we are in session. We will also be hiring additional support for the infirmary to ensure the smooth operation during the summer.

Should a camper or staff member begin to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, they will be immediately isolated, quarantined, and tested for COVID-19 in the health center. A parent will be notified if a camper receives a COVID-19 test.

What happens if there is a positive case of COVID-19 at camp –

We will promptly communicate with all parents/legal guardians via email if someone tests positive for COVID-19 while at camp. We will not release the name, condition, or specifics to protect the person’s confidentiality. We will let parents/legal guardians know if the person is in their camper’s pod.

The pod of the person who tests positive will be kept together and isolated from the rest of camp. All campers will be monitored daily via temperature checks and symptom checks. The cabin will continue programming with only those in the cabin group. Other campers will continue programing after a thorough sanitation of camp. If your child has tested positive for COVID-19, we will be in communication with you to coordinate pick up and next steps.

We will continue to update these guidelines as we learn new information. We will be in touch over the next several months to ensure you are informed of any changes and receive more details. We appreciate your support and understanding as we navigate prioritizing our campers and staff members’ health and safety while balancing the ability to make camp feel as magical as ever. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Jodie Abrams Schafer, Director



Update #8: October 1, 2020

Dear Shwayder Camp Community,

We are excited to announce that the 2021 Camper Applications are now available. You can submit one online and we will process it on your priority registration date based on the order in which they are received. We will open registration on Monday, October 5th for Temple Emanuel members and families who selected to roll their 2020 tuition over to 2021. Registration will open to all returning families on Monday, October 12th and to new families on Monday, October 19th.

As we prepare for the 2021 Summer we promise to continue to prioritize transparency and keep you up to date on the safety precautions we will be taking to create the safest camp atmosphere we can. We have spoken with many camp directors and medical professionals who were involved with running camps during the 2020 summer and have gotten great information in regards to what allowed them to operate successfully this past year. What they all have said is that it is a combination of precautions that lead to their success. While it is still too early to know what best practices will be by June 2021, we are dedicated to keeping you in the loop between now and the summer and will email updates as we learn more.

You can check out our 2021 session dates and if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


Jodie Abrams Schafer, Director


Update #7: September 17, 2020

Dear Shwayder Camp Community,

This summer was certainly not what we had initially planned but we feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to connect with campers and staff in a whole new way. What we discovered this summer was that our community is more resilient and supportive than we could have ever imagined. While we are left with a sadness of having missed a season at Shwayder, we have profound gratitude for each and every person in our camp community.

We want to thank everyone who participated in our virtual Shwayder experience as well as the incredible staff who brought the Shwayder Magic to Zoom this summer. In addition to our virtual experiences we were thankful to be able to bring our oldest age group, our Daleds, together to honor their years at camp and celebrate the meaningful Last Year Daled traditions together. We also loved seeing everyone who came for our Drive-In movie night in late July. As we approach the beginning of the Jewish New Year, we officially mark the end of our 2020 season and turn our focus to planning ahead for Summer 2021.

We have learned a lot over the last few months and have spoken with many colleagues and experts. We recognize the importance of needing to remain flexible as we move forward with planning Summer 2021 but we are excited to announce our 2021 session dates and open registration. Our session structure will be very similar to years past with a few notable changes. First, we will be starting each session on a Tuesday to give us an additional day between sessions to clean and disinfect. Second, our one week session for first time campers entering 2nd-4th grades will be taking place during the third week of our first session rather than the first week. Third, the SIT program will be available to participants by session. Entering 11th graders are welcome to register for the SIT session of their choice when registration opens. And lastly, we have added a two week option for all 2nd-6th graders during the first two weeks of our first session.

Like in years past, we will be asking for a $350 deposit upon registration for the 2021 summer. Historically this was a non-refundable deposit, however, this year $250 of this deposit will be refundable until March 1st. After that date, if you wish to cancel, you will forfeit your deposit.

We will open registration on Monday, October 5th for Temple Emanuel members and families who selected to roll their 2020 tuition over to 2021. Registration will open to all returning families on Monday, October 12th and to new families on Monday, October 19th. Enrollment will be on a first-come, first-served basis and we encourage families to sign up as soon as possible since we will be capping cabin groups at 12 for the time-being.

We wish you and your family a Happy and Healthy New Year and look forward to setting our sights on 2021!


Jodie Abrams Schafer, Director



Update #6: May 28, 2020

Dear Shwayder Camp Community,

In the month since making the decision to not open camp this summer, we have been busy reading through your suggestions from the survey and planning what is possible for the 2020 Shwayder experience. Your feedback has been incredibly helpful and gave us a clear vision in creating meaningful ways to keep our community connected this summer. While some of the details are still getting ironed out, we would love to share with you our schedule for this summer. 

Starting on June 15th, we will be offering three 2 week alternative program sessions. Based on the feedback we received, we heard from you that the priority for programming this summer was that campers connect with other kids their age and with whom they would have been in a cabin, as well as participate in some of the special Shwayder programs that are unique to the Shwayder experience. To create the camp atmosphere, we will be hosting virtual gatherings by age group and doing some all-camp activities (like game day) throughout the two week period of time. 

To achieve these goals, we will provide the opportunity for campers to participate in the two week session that corresponds with when they were registered for Shwayder. For example, if your child was registered for Session 1 (June 15-July 5), 1a (June 15-21) or 1b (June 22-July 5), they would participate in Session 1, June 15-21 of the new Shwayder experience. Session 2 will be July 6-19 and Session 3, July 27-August 9. 

We have employed a handful of amazing Shwayder Camp staff to help facilitate these experiences and bring the Shwayder Magic this summer. There will be no cost to participate in the Shwayder experiences though any additional donations we receive throughout the summer will go directly to paying these wonderful people. You can email me if you would like to increase your donation or add one to your account. 

Below you will find the schedule as it stands right now. At this point the schedule is all virtual experiences. We are hoping to add some small group or in-person gatherings and will know more in the coming weeks as regulations regarding reopening of religious institutions become available. We will email the final schedule next week. Your camper will be guaranteed a spot for the session in which they were initially registered. If you are interested in signing up for a different session, we will let you know if there is room and take campers on a first come, first served basis. Once we have received your registration, we will email you a confirmation with details, instructions and zoom links. Please complete the registration form as soon as possible and no later than one week prior to the start date of the session. 

Additionally, we want to thank you for your patience with our refund process. If you requested a refund, the checks are being signed and should be mailed out the first week of June.


Jodie Abrams Schafer, Director

Update #5: April 30, 2020

Dear Shwayder Camp Community,

For 70 years the health and safety of our campers and staff has been our number one priority. In times like these, the wellbeing of our community is more important than ever. Following thorough consultation with and guidance from medical professionals and local, state, and national agencies, the senior leadership at Temple Emanuel and Shwayder Camp have concluded that due to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be extraordinarily difficult to ensure the health and safety of every camper, staff member, and their families at home this summer. These challenges include the inability to properly screen people before coming to camp and upholding the strict social distancing regulations in a residential summer camp setting. Providing the traditional Shwayder Camp experience to our families was something we were so hopeful to do but unfortunately, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel our 2020 summer sessions in order to protect our community.

This is not the outcome for which we had hoped but if there is anything that we have learned in the last several weeks, it is that Shwayder Magic is so much more than the physical space we occupy at 10,200 feet. As we look to the future, we will aim to provide alternative Shwayder experiences this summer through virtual and small group gatherings. In order to best meet the needs of our community, we ask that you complete this short survey so that we can move forward in ways that serve our community best. 

For each Shwayder Camper, there are important milestones that occur each summer. Whether that is spending your first summer away at camp, achieving Peak 3, 5, or 9, are anticipating giving your LYD speech this summer, or making the transition from camper to staff in the SIT program; we know how important these milestones are. We are committed to being able to provide at least some of these as best we can this summer. We will be in touch with more information about how we will provide these experiences in the coming weeks and want to assure you that we are thinking about how we can best honor our long-standing traditions. 

We are grateful for the outpouring support from the Shwayder Camp community we have received as we navigate these unprecedented times. Moving forward, we have a few options that we would like to offer you as a family as it relates to camp tuition.

  1. We know that Shwayder Camp means so much to our community and while many of our expenses occur during the summer season, a significant portion of our costs are fixed and spent regardless of operating during the summer. We feel very strongly that offering refunds to our families is the right thing to do, however, this will have a serious financial impact on us. Your generosity at this time will allow us to come back for a spectacular season next year. Any tuition that you donate back to camp will be matched 1:1 with a grant from JCamp 180, a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. For example, if you donate $750 to camp, it will become a $1500 donation to us. Also, any donation to camp is eligible for the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit. It provides a 50% state income tax credit for gifts to Shwayder Camp. This is a powerful credit on your state taxes. This option can be combined with either of the two following options. 
  2. Knowing that many of our campers return year after year, we are offering the option to roll the tuition that you have paid for this summer to the 2021 season. You can roll forward any portion up to the full amount. We do not yet have the 2021 session dates but will make these available as soon as possible.
  3. You can request a refund for tuition you have paid. Third-party scholarships and One Happy Camper grants will be refunded to those organizations directly. Regardless of previous payment method, refunds will be sent within 6-8 weeks via paper check. Each camp family can designate one person to receive the refund.

To confirm your next steps chosen from the above options, please complete the online form. If we do not receive a form from you, we will default to option 2. We ask that you submit your request form by May 15th.

Spending a summer at Shwayder Camp is an experience like no other. It is where we grow as individuals, make friendships that will last the rest of our lives, and where we can truly be ourselves. A summer without camp is going to be difficult but know that we are here for each and everyone of you. Shwayder Camp has proven to be a strong community for over 70 years and we know that we will get through this together. No matter where we are physically, we are always Shwayder connected. 

We will be bringing the Shwayder Camp community together this Friday, May 1st at 7:30pm MDT for Siyuum (our nightly circle and blessings). Please join us on the Shwayder Camp Facebook page so we can stand together as one community and show our love and support for one another.


Jodie Abrams Schafer, Director


Update #4: April 13, 2020

Dear Shwayder Camp Community,

We hope you and your family are staying healthy and have been able to celebrate Passover in a meaningful way this year. I am reaching out to let you know that we remain optimistic about the 2020 summer. With regulations and guidelines changing so frequently, we feel it is still too early to make any final decisions regarding our ability to operate with our scheduled session structure. I have spoken with many industry experts as well as other camp directors to ensure that the information we are basing our decisions around is accurate and in line with the camping field across the country. The American Camping Association, a leading authority for summer camps and youth development by which we are accredited, has informed us that they are working with the CDC to create a new set of guidelines for camps operating this summer and have requested that we wait to make any decisions regarding this summer until they are able to distribute their recommendations. 

As such, we are heeding their advice and gathering more information to continue to make informed decisions about camp. We are assessing our current health procedures and will evaluate each element of camp as it relates to the health and safety of our community members for this summer. We are diligently discussing contingency plans that may include a delayed start date or altered schedule as well as creating meaningful experiences from afar. We are moving ahead with planning for this summer but do want you to know that we are assessing different options should we need them. 

As we previously mentioned, if for any reason we were unable to operate this summer based on public health recommendations, we will be providing the option to apply 100% of your 2020 tuition paid towards the 2021 season or issuing refunds by request.

I am hopeful, as I am sure you are, that we will be able to operate this summer and revel in the Shwayder Magic we are so looking forward to this year. As soon as we have any updates or new information, we will reach out to you. You can also stay up to date on all of our correspondence and find some fun camp activities right her on our website.


Jodie Abrams Schafer, Director


Update #3: April 2, 2020

Dear Shwayder Camp Community,

As we enter April, we wanted to reach out and let you know that in addition to extending the final payment deadline to May 1st, we will also be extending the forms deadline to that date as well. We understand that with the current situation regarding COVID-19, getting appointments for routine physicals and forms completed will take extra time. We also acknowledge that families will want to wait to make final travel arrangements. Please know that we understand and if you are unable to submit these forms, especially the medical examination form, immunization records, and transportation form even by the May 1st deadline. If you need more time, please just let us know by email. 

We hope you are staying healthy and want to remind you that you can stay up-to-date on all of our correspondence and find some fun camp activities on our website right here. 

We wanted to share with you one of our favorite prayers we sing every evening at camp that marks day turning into night, Ma’ariv Aravim. With so many of us being home every day, we hope this prayer helps you find a meaningful way to distinguish between the transitions in your life. Daniel Stellini, one of our all-time favorite song leaders, wrote this particular melody, and is singing it here for you.


Jodie Abrams Schafer, Director


Update #2: March 19, 2020

Dear Shwayder Camp Community,

As we continue to navigate our day-to-day lives during this unprecedented time, we want to provide opportunities to bring the Shwayder Camp community together.

In partnership with the Colorado Jewish Camps, over the next few weeks on Tuesdays and Fridays we will be offering experiences for you to bring a little camp into your home. We will sprinkle extra chances for Shwayder magic moments during this time as well. We hope you join in and participate as much as you are able, and encourage you to involve the whole family. The best way to follow along is through our Facebook Page. Be sure you “like” us and receive notifications when we post and go live. You can also find all the communication and activities on our dedicated web page:

This Sunday, March 22nd @10:30AM MDT, Rick Recht, a Shwayder Camp favorite, will bring the camp community together with a special virtual concert. It will be streamed live from Shwayder Camp’s Facebook Page.

Building community has always been a top priority at Shwayder. It’s times like these that we see the Shwayder community grow stronger than ever.


Jodie Abrams Schafer, Director


Update #1: March 13, 2020

Dear Shwayder Camp Community, 

We know that the current situation as it relates to COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty and caution with planning upcoming events. We want to emphasize that we are closely monitoring the situation as it relates to our time together this summer at camp. While nothing has changed at this time concerning summer operations, we are exploring options to allow our camp families to plan ahead. 

First, we are committed to letting you know that if for any reason we were unable to operate this summer based on public health recommendations, we will be providing the option to apply 100% of your 2020 tuition paid towards the 2021 season or issuing full refunds by request. 

In order to give you time to plan and make decisions, we will be moving the final payment deadline from April 1st to May 1st. If you are on a monthly payment plan the last payment will be run May 1st rather than April 1st. 

To this effect, we are extending the scholarship application deadline to April 17th. We understand that some families find themselves with new financial concerns and we want to assure you that we are ready to work with families and are committed to make it possible for every camper to attend camp this summer. If you would like to apply for scholarships and have not yet received an application, please let me know and I will email you the scholarship application information. 

As we do before every summer, we will be revisiting our already rigorous cleaning and safety standards. Camper and Staff health is our number one priority and we are always adapting to ensure best practices. We are still in full swing of planning a fun and memorable summer for all of our campers. 

While it is still very early to be making any decisions about operating this summer, we hope that this information will provide a bit of peace of mind in this time of uncertainty. Please know that we are here as a resource and, as always, our goal is to provide a safe and meaningful experience for each camper and staff member this summer. While we expect to be fully operational this summer, we will remain flexible and know that the situation remains fluid. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Jodie Abrams Schafer, Director