Our facilities blend outdoor living with modern amenities. Shwayder recently debuted a variety of new buildings throughout camp including new camper cabins, a new barn, a staff-in-training cabin and a state-of-the-art athletic field. We also unveiled our brand new indoor recreation center, and in 2019 our arts center and director’s cabin will be completed. The recreation center gives us more options for fun and games, and now on rainy days we can play sports without worrying about the clouds overhead.

Features of the rec center include a 30 foot indoor climbing wall, ping pong tables, a multipurpose sports court, and a movie screen. The new arts center will provide our campers with the inspiration they need to be creative. From pottery to friendship bracelets, this will be an outlet for individual self-expression. The arts center will include spacious art studios, an Israeli programming space, indoor space for rain programming and more bathroom facilities. All of these modern updates enhance our programming and benefit the campers.


At Shwayder, we take great pride in our intimate community and facilities. Life in a cabin is no exception. Each of our ten cabins houses 15-17 campers and 3-4 staff members ensuring that each child receives personal attention. Complete with full bathrooms, heat and electricity, these cabins lend themselves perfectly to our counselors’ goals of creating a warm, comfortable space in which to teach the values of community living.

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