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Magical Moments from Summer 2015

Magical Moments from Summer 2015 

IMG_6246Summer Concerts

Magical moments take place every session with our amazing concerts at 10,200 ft.  Last summer we welcomed Michele Citrin, Dan Nichols, Rick Recht, and Sheldon Low.  The campers rocked out to their favorite Jewish music.


Imagine a camp wide game of capture the flag?  The camp divides into two teams and spend the day searching the Shwayder valley for their teams puzzle pieces, while trying not to be caught by the other team.  After all puzzle pieces are found, the puzzle unlocks the mystery of the final clue.  Once you find it, ulock the flag pole lock and raise your teams flag


Shabbat at Shwayder is like no other Shabbat on the planet! The whole camp starts the evening dressing up and walking in a caravan while singing Shabbat songs.  After a wonderful camper lead service campers and staff enjoy a specially prepared meal.  Once, the meal is finished, the real fun begins with our Shabbat Song Session.  The entire camp get to participate in this interactive evening of song and dance.

IMG_7642Campers and Staff from Everywhere

At Shwayder camp camers and staff come from all around the globe to join us at 10,200 feet.  We have had campers from South Africa, Spain, Brazil, and Israel.  We also have staff members from Israel join us every year.  We also attract many campers and staff from around the country, places like Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Nebraska, and California to name a few.

100_0717Hikes throughout the Shwayder Valley

Each camper has the opportunity to participate on age appropriate hikes during their two weeks at Shwayder.  The hikes take them up the the Clear Creek Reservoir, Chicago Lakes, and Beaver Ponds to name a few. Campers really learn to bond with each other as they hike and camp.

IMG_0133Specialty Activities

Special memories are made at Shwayder camp especially in our speciality activities.  Campers participate in archery, horse back riding, and our ropes course.  These special activities raise our campers self confidence and challenge them to see themselves in a new light.

IMG_51889 Square in the Air

Our latest addition to camper games is nine square in the air.  This game takes four square to a whole new level!  Nine campers play at a time, one in each square while they pass the ball over head hoping to not let it touch the ground.  Once it does, the person who’s square it lands in is out and everyone moves up a square.  It has quicly become a camper favorite!

IMG_91544th of July Carnival

Second Session at Shwayder rocks with the 4th of July carnival.  Games, cotton candy, bouncy houses and prizes are only a few of the reason why campers enjoy this tradition so much.  Campers spend the day hanging out with their friends running from game to game and eating cotton candy and end the day with a giant friendship circle.

IMG_6871Friendships that Last a  Lifetime

At Shwayder our motto is “A summer to build your life on”.  We take this seriously, no where else on earth do you have the ability to bond with people who will become your best friends for your entire life.  Lessons learned at camp and friendships made are the building blocks of your campers future.  We can’t wait to see you back at camp this summer!


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