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Shwayder Camp Hacks

Everyone can use a little help from time to time, so we put together some proven tips offered up by Shwayder veterans. From playing games and crafting keepsakes, to spicing up the amazing camp food, come to Camp this summer knowing everything there is to know and feeling ready to go, go, GO!

1. Crazy Creeks
Will save your life, and your pants
Crazy Creeks are amazing folding chairs that keep you sitting up when you are planted on the ground. They are portable, comfortable, and you can even buy one that says “Shwayder Camp”. Crazy Creeks are great for overnights, camp fires, and hanging out at the ropes course. If you are looking to avoid dirty pants, commonly known asShwayder Butt, be sure to bring your Crazy Creek.

2. Six Minutes
The only time frame you will ever needAt camp you will find time works a little differently, the weeks are shorter than the days and a day can feel like a week. What is even more curious is that everything at camp takes just 6 short minutes to complete. Even when it feels like its taking forever, just 6 more minutes and it will be over.

3. GA GA Strategy
Ga Ga is more than a game, it is a way of life.Ga Ga is a type of Israeli dodgeball played in a small octagonal court. To get someone out in Ga Ga you must hit them below the knees with a ball, while protecting your own shin area. Shwayder Camp campers are some of the most dedicated Ga Ga players in the world and they have some rules worth knowing before you step on the court.

4. Friendship Bracelets
Friendship bracelets can bind friends forever and ever.
Friendship bracelets and hemp bracelets are a great way to take a little piece of camp home with you. Any of the bracelets are easy to to make (we will even teach you how) and the colorful strings will brighten your day. Be sure to start you bracelet with a slip knot so you can hook it on to a safety pin. Attaching them to your water bottles is a great way to keep them close, clean, and always have an anchor. Free time, before bed, and after meals are great times to make friendship bracelets.

5. SB&J Corner
Shwayder’s best kept secret. During anytime of day, and all meals, there is a sacred corner of our dining hall devoted solely to the availability of sun-butter and jelly sandwich supplies. Sun-butter is just like peanut butter, but it’s made of sunflower seeds (and much safer)! If Sloppy Joe’s aren’t your thing or you need a little extra food,  take a trip to the SB&J corner.  You can also embellish your regular meal with all the goodies in the corner. Put sun-butter on your bananas or jelly on your bagel, customize your meal and eat well everyday.

6. The Chaco Craze
Laces! Who needs them? Shwayder Camp has a shoe policy that requires everyone to wear sturdy shoes at all times, with the exception of Shabbat. Having sneakers up at camp is extremely important for many activities, but when you are rolling out of bed in the morning to make it to flag pole on time or your toes just need a breather, tying shoe laces is the LAST thing  you want to do. Open-toed shoes are great for camp, as long as they have a sturdy sole and a back strap. Shoes like Chacos and Tevas cover all the requirements. Slip-on shoes are allowed as long as they are close-toed. Clogs or Keens are a great choice because of the substantial protection they give to your toes.