Shwayder Camp could not provide the best summer experience without it’s staff, SIT’s and alumni. Each one brings something different to our community whether it’s leadership, love or an invested interest in Shwayder’s future.

There is no better way to support Shwayder then by impacting the lives of children. As role models you can help our campers build self confidence, learn independence and increase their self esteem. Nothing is more important then having a team of individuals who believe in the Shwayder Magic and who can share that passion with future generations.


You learn that the way that you navigate personal skills and relationships are real world things that you can bring back to your university or your job and it’s something that I’m very thankful for in my life.


I chose to be an SIT to give back to the place that has given me so much. I’ve discovered that Shwayder Magic isn’t just for the campers.

Rachel ColsonSIT

Shwayder Camp teaches us to respect where we came from, grow where we are, and become who we want to be.

Spencer RubinStaff

Working at Shwayder really doesn’t feel like work at all, bonding with campers and coworkers is what makes the magic of camp come alive. To grow from camper to counselor makes Shwayder extra special, as I can continue to build a lifetime of amazing memories there, and hold friends I know will be with me forever. I have found a large part of my identity through the opportunities I’ve been given at camp, and it has truly built me to be who I am today.

Rachel BattockSenior Counselor

Working at Shwayder has been a life-changing experience. I learned how to accept responsibility, step out of my comfort zone and grow as an individual. Being on Shwayder staff is great for my resume and is an incredible learning opportunity.

Devon Chayet2019 Senior Counselor

Shwayder camp has absolutely made me into who I want to be in my life. Through working at camp I realized I love to help others and keep them healthy and safe. I am currently studying to become a nurse at the University of Colorado Boulder, and Shwayder has given me the amazing opportunity to be an infirmary assistant this summer. I am so excited to have been given this chance to learn more and immerse myself in the field I am hoping to work in for my future career.

Sydney Pfefer2019 Infirmary Assistant