Top 10 Reasons to Go to Shwayder

We can think of a million reasons why any kid would want to be a camper at Shwayder. Not only is it the best summer experience ever, but it builds confidence, you get to live off the grid, learn responsibility, overcome fears, make lifelong friends…the list goes on and on.

But what do our campers think? Here is a list of top 10 of reasons why our Shwayder campers keep coming back year after year.

10. Awesome Concerts
Every session, we invite a Jewish rock star to put on a concert and lead music programming. Campers have rocked out with Naomi Less, Sheldon Low, Michelle Citrin, Rick Recht and many more.

9. The Best Camp Food in the World
Seriously. Ask anybody.

8. You Can Hone Your Archery Skills (or guitar skills, or frisbee skills, or…)
During both scheduled programming and free time, Shwayder offers endless opportunities to try new activities. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up discovering a skill worthy enough for our talent show!

7. Living in the Great Outdoors
Every cabin spends one night out of camp on an overnight backpacking trip. You’ll see the most beautiful parts of our valley, and those who sign up for our optional overnight (for the truly adventurous) will discover some of Colorado’s most hidden gems.

6. The Friendly Competition
A legendary camp favorite, “Embassy” is the highlight of many camper’s sessions. Experience the thrill of chasing your friends, finding the flag, and hoisting your colors in sweet victory!

5. The Sunrise at Mount Evans
At the end of every session, our entering 9th & 10th grade campers wake up before the crack of dawn, ride up North America’s highest paved road to the peak of Mt. Evans (14,265 ft.). Few experiences can match the awe-inspiring view of the sun rising high above the Rocky Mountains.

4. Being Able to Soar Between the Green of the Trees and the Blue of the Skies
Climb to the top of one of our 40 ft. high lodge-poll pines and hook into a 300 ft. long zip line and JUMP! Our unique high-element ropes course built right into the forest combines our natural scenery with an adrenaline filled ride.

3. The Horses
Hop on and explore Arapahoe National Forest mountain trails with one of our 24 friendly horses! Learn how to take care of your horse, navigate the mountain, and ride in the arena.

2. The Dancing on Shabbat
Friday nights are not just holy at Shwayder; they’re the best night of the week! Sing and dance to your favorite Jewish songs all night long! Grab your cabin mates and join the crazy fun in one of our favorite Shabbat activities– Israeli Dancing!

1. Location, Location, Location!
Quietly nestled at 10,200 feet on the side of Mt. Evans, we promise Shwayder is unlike any place you have ever been.

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