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Ways to Give

Ways to Give

A Variety of Options Exist

Estate gifts  can help build and strengthen a permanent endowment for Shwayder Camp strengthening our Jewish Community in permanent ways.  Any estate or endowment gift entitles you to become a member of the Life & Legacy, which is our way to honor and recognize a person today for his/her future gift.  Options include:

Outright Gift- Some people prefer to make a current donation to the endowment fund.  Typically, gifts of cash or appreciated assets are most appropriate.

Charitable Bequest-By naming Shwayder Camp in you Will or Living Trust, you create a gift today that we will receive when your estate is settled.

Retirement Plan-You can name Shwayder Camp as a beneficiary of your IRA or company retirement plan.  To include Shwayder Camp simply request a “beneficiary change” form from your IRA custodian or HR department, complete the form, and then return it according to the instructions provided.  Beneficiary change forms are often available online.

Life Insurance- You can name Shwayder Camp as the beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy.  To include Shwayder Camp, simply request a “beneficiary change” form from your life insurance company, complete the form, and return it according to the instructions provided.  Again, many companies make beneficiary change forms available online.

Charitable Gift Annuity-A gift annuity is a simple contract in which Shwayder Camp agrees to pay you (and/or another person) an income for life, in exchange for a gift you make today.

Charitable Remainder Trust-In the right situations, a charitable remainder trust can provide powerful financial, tax, and estate planning benefits.  You donate assets into trust for the eventual benefit of Shwayder Camp.  In the interim, the trust pays income to you and/or your designated income beneficiaries.

Charitable Lead Trust-A Charitable lead trust can provide support for Shwayder Camp, while transferring assets in the future to your heirs with little or no gift or estate tex.

Retained Life Estate-You can donate a residence to Shwayder Camp and still retain the right to live there for the rest of your life.


For more information, please contact  Francie Miran at or 303-388-4013, x335.  Again, there are never any expectations or obligations to complete any gift.


Summer Address:
P.O. Box 3899
Idaho Springs, Colorado 80452
PH: (303) 567-2722
FAX: (303) 567-0172

Winter Address:
51 Grape Street
Denver, Colorado 80220
PH: (303) 388-4013
FAX: (303) 388-6328

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